Rendering UE environment - kill the noise!

I bought this nice library from Unreal marketplace:

But when rendering it, I find that the skyspere environment is givin me a lots of unwanted noise. See here it is the only lightsource:

Rendering time is 4 min 50 sec, amount of samples ( no motion blur on any of these ) is 800 and still a lot of noise, huh.

So I have to delete this object and make my “natural” lights with Omniverse native lights, just like have always done. First I made a large disk light outside of library wall:

But as you see, again I have noise there too much.

I decided to start with sun so I made this same disk light much smaller, the get a bit sharper shadows:

I like that feeling! Its like sun but softer. Something that is always wanted in commercial filming gigs :) Rendertime was only 1 min 15 sec.

Then I added a rectangle light just inside of window, acting like a soft light flooding in:

See, I adjusted shaping/“focus” and “cone softness”. Then I added a disk light for Natasha:

Together this works fine:

Noise is totally gone! Samples only 250 and rendertime is 1 min 20 sec.

Hi @pekka.varis! That scene just keeps getting better and better!

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