Rendering with 1060 Help


I am new to the forum. I was convinced that the Tesla C1060 was the right way to go for my 3D CAD & 3DS Max Modeling. It sounds like the right tool for me as the modeling that I do is on a large scale with a lot of detail to render. I had the card installed by the people that built my computer but I am not seeing any difference in rendering time. I am using Windows Professional x64 O.S. with an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX V.C.& ASUS P5N-T Deluxe Motherboard.

The computer freezes regularly and when it actually completes a rendering procedure I don’t see a difference in speed.

Does anyone have any ideas? I would appreciate getting this new technology flying like it should!


As long as 3DS Max does not support CUDA, you will see exactly 1 difference: Your electricity bill should show the addition of the C1060 to your system.

Programs have to be (re)written to take advantage of CUDA, it is not an automatic thing.

Thank you. That was my concern! I guess this is one of those times that customer qualifying failed. I do notice an incredible difference in how my CAD programs perform. I will have to try to justify the cost for this enhancement alone for now. I am the type of computer user that can figure out how to make programs work as they are packaged, but I am not trained in code. Do you know if anyone is working on re-writing 3DS Max Design 2009 to take advantage of the Cuda platform?

No clue, you should probably ask the vendor. I don’t know what kind of program it is, but it is certain that a lot of programs might benefit from CUDA, it is probably a matter of how much gain could be gotten versus the amount of effort.

currently only photoshop takes advantage of such cards, i think i heard mental ray are developing something that will use this card. But in reality, i would advise you to sell this card and get a quadro, you will get a way bigger value from the quadro card (for display). I suspect it will take a while for the big software companies to start really tapping into this power, most will probably use OpenCL and not cuda so as not to be tied down to nvidia.

Thanks for the support!
Do you know if the Geleto Pro software will work with the 1060?
I will build another machine using Quadro, any suggestions on the build to get the best performance for heavy detailed Architecture, Revit & Inventor models that will be brought into 3D Max Design 2009/2010 with high polygon counts to render as fast as possible? I am very interested in using particle systems & PhysX to get realism in renderings. I’m not sure of how to achieve exactly what I am looking for but it appears that the technology is out there.


well as far as i know they stopped working on gelato, since nvidia acquired mental images. so even if it can use it, i don’t think you will be happy with the results. I don’t know which card to recommend for 3D max, but a pro one for sure. And again i don’t know if there are PhysX plugins for max to use for rendering. PhysX can use the tesla card for sure, but they do it for real time physics, not offline high quality stuff. I guess it will take a year or 2 until the usage of gpu compute power really goes into the market…