Renders get stucked at first few frames in AWS 8 GPU VM


I have followed this tutorial:

I created the largest possible one g5.48xlarge
so I got 8 GPU´s.

When I make a render in Path Traced mode with latest Composer 2023.2.0 it renders only first 8 frames and then it stucks on that frame and saves that same image all over again. Looking at render process, all looks good but the saved png images are stuck. See it looks like this in the end:

Some questions.

  1. Does it just get stuck in PT mode, not RT mode ?
  2. Does it get stuck if you use a single node, not 8 ?
  3. Does the scene work fine offline ?
  4. Is it scene specific or you cannot get anything to render ?

I will see what I can do to help. If there is anyway to get me logs and a video capture of when it locks up, that would be great.

I just ran out of my Nvidia Inception Program credits at aws…

It looks like I now move on to use Infinite Compute services with our startup.
If I have she same issue there with 3 x A6000 VM, I let you know.
Thanks @Richard3D !

Great. Glad you figured it out !

I was informed that I can apply for additional Nvidia Inception Program credits, I shall do that and If I get them, I can continue the issue investigation.