Reorientaing the local coordinate or adding new local coordinate?

Hello. I am a beginner of the ISAAC SIM. It could be a stupid question.
I have a manipulator design and end-effector design in CATIA, and imported them in ISSAC SIM.
The manipulator and end-effector are not assembled well. So I want to move the end-effector at the end of the manipulator. After imported, the local coordinate of the end-effector is in strange orientation not aligned with the its symetric axis, which is cumbersum to align it to the manipulator. Global and local rotation rotates the whole end-effector. I’d like to only reorient the local coordiate to the symetric direction. Could it be done? Or can I add new local coordinate by selecting the center of shaft or edge of the body, etc.? I could fix it in CATIA, but I’d like to know a way within ISAAC SIM.