Rep.modify.visibility(rep.distribution.sequence(...)) not working as expected Isaac Sim 4.0.0

Hello, I am following the example here: synthetic-data-examples/omni.replicator/snippets/ at main · NVIDIA-Omniverse/synthetic-data-examples · GitHub

I have a simple code that groups three shapes and tries to toggle visability between them:

import omni.replicator.core as rep
with rep.new_layer():
    with rep.trigger.on_time(interval = 1):
        cube = rep.create.cube()
        sphere = rep.create.sphere()
        cylinder = rep.create.cylinder()

        group =[cube, sphere, cylinder])
        with group:
            visability = rep.distribution.sequence([[True, False, False], [False, True, False], [False, False, True]])

But all three prims are either visible or invisible.
Not sure what I am doing wrong.


Thank you