Repair NX module

Hi, this is continuation of topic: Flash failed, return 8 - #36 by Trumany

Please help me to replace damaged components.
I found that 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 14 are broken.
Also C11, C14.
Could you tell me model of these elements?

Hi, we don’t share that much info of module. Please try RMA for the broken ones.

Previous answer you advised power inductor:

I can’t found model and size.
Can you help me?

It is 2520 size code?
You wrote 3.3v, but for inductor needs current.
It is 2.5A?

Found here: Jetson Xavier NX module with rusted inductor

It is a 2.2uH inductor, P/N: HMLQ25201T-2R2MSR.

Replaced with PIQA25201T-2R2MSR

Other components found by marking codes.