Repeated Capture using Argus


I am trying to set up a continuous stream (rather than 5 seconds of streaming then quit) by modifying the multiStream sample.

I am using the following code:
// Create the capture requests.
UniqueObj request(iCaptureSession->createRequest());
IRequest *iRequest = interface_cast(request);

//Set repeated capture
while (1) {

But when I compile it, it gives me an error message no matching function for call to ‘Argus::ICaptureSession::repeat(Argus::UniqueObjArgus::Request*).

My questions are below:

  1. How do you correctly set up a repeated capture request so that the program just runs continuously?
  2. How do you force quit a script/program running from terminal? I tried ctrl + c but it didn’t do anything.


  1. Please try
  1. CTRL + C should be working.

Thanks for the help. I am using the on board camera that comes with the developer kit with the code:


And this works, but after 3 seconds or so, the camera loses saturation and turns black&white.

How would I fix this issue? I tried changing the color saturation but it didn’t do it.


Have a check the options.captureSeconds