Repeated "sdhci-tegra" messages in syslog

My syslog is filled with lines like this, as shown with dmesg:

[ 518.039607] sdhci-tegra sdhci-tegra.3: pm_genpd_runtime_resume()
[ 518.092603] sdhci-tegra sdhci-tegra.3: pm_genpd_runtime_suspend()
[ 518.094305] sdhci-tegra sdhci-tegra.3: default_stop_ok()

This repeats ca each 5 seconds. I use the grinch-21.3.4 kernel.
The board works ok, but it polutes my syslog. Anybody any idea why?

The pm_genpd_runtime_… seem to refer to power going into suspend state and back out. There are some simple echo commands to force performance mode, you may want to try that just to see if for example it is USB doing this. See:
Note: Look closely for disabling USB autosuspend.