Replace DCRFT() or SCRFT() function using cufft librabry

I’ve been looking to replace DCRFT (init, x, inc2x, y, inc2y, n, m, isign, scale, aux1, naux1, aux2, naux2) call with cufft library in fortran.
After learning from cufft documentation, I have figured out how to use cufft library.

  1. Create Plan
  2. Do fourier Transformation
    So in my case i used cufftPlanMany(plan, rank, n, inembed, istride, idist, onembed, ostride, odist, ffttype, batch ) followed by cufftExecC2R( plan, idata, odata ) . I have problem that what all arguments should be used from DCRFT in cufftPlanMany and cufftExecC2R. Especially with idist, odist, n(cufftplan), idata,odata.
    It would be great if you provide any help for this conversion.