Replace the model in sample_apps/deepstream-app

When I replaced the model in sources8…nano.txt in the sample_apps/config/deepstream-app directory, I encountered a problem
I replaced the path of my model_engine_file in sources8_…nano.txt, and changed the number of model_engine_file and num_detected_classes in the corresponding confignano.txt file, but when executing deepstream-app -c sources8… _nano.txt encountered a problem.

My model does not take effect, he still uses the original official model, how can I solve this problem?
The device is jetson nano, its jetpack version is 4.5.1; the deepstream version is 5.1


First, we already have a newer package, it’s recommended to upgrade your environment to Deepstream 6.0.1 with JetPack 4.6.1.

Deepstream configure file is designed to use a serialized engine file first to avoid necessary re-generation.
You can remove/change the engine file name in your configure or remove the serialized engine directly.


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