Replacement Resistor on TX1

While modifying the Jetson TX1, we have damaged and had to remove the first resistor from the left of the power input.
What type of resistor is this so that we can replace it? If anybody could measure it on their TX1, that would be appreciated.

That is a bead, ‘LB18’, the product info as below:

Name: FER BEAD 0603 20-30 OHM@100MHz 0.01 OHM MAX dcR 5A MAX
P/N: MPZ1608S300AT
Manufacturer: TDK Corporation of America

Hello Trumany,

We can’t get a replacement part in time for our robot’s deadline (this Tuesday). We accidentally switched the board on, and it seemed to power up fine (we didn’t ssh into it to see if it booted).

A) is it fine to use it as is temporarily
B) can we put in a jumper temporarily
C) do we really need to wait to avoid frying the board

There are total 4 beads in parallel to filter VDD_IN input, each has 5A current cap, so you can use it without risk only if you can guarantee input current < 15A. Just remove LB18. Do not put in a jumper, that will make left beads out of work.

We took a look at the schematic and reached the same conclusion. We took out the bead, and the board has been working fine.

Thanks for your help!