Replacing meshes and extracting coordinates

Hello everyone,

I have a scene where I’ve set up a layer of lighting meshes. Now, I’m looking to add another layer consisting of tiny cone meshes, each precisely linked to the location of individual lights.

Initially, I attempted to duplicate the lighting meshes and replace them with cone meshes, but I faced difficulties in implementing this.

My next question is regarding extracting location coordinates from the meshes. Something like a list of all the meshes ID and theirs corresponding coordinate in the scene.

Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Thanks for the question.

First, may I ask what you are trying to actually build / acheive with this workflow ? Why lighting meshes and why cones ? If you are looking to create a large number of lights, you are better off creating actual physically accurate lights using our rectangular lights, not meshes.

Secondly, it would be better for you to do all of this scene layout in your CAD / DCC application. We are not a modeling software. This level of modeling looks like it would be far faster in Maya / Max / Revit etc.