Replayer tool with .lraw files


Is it possible to reproduce .lraw videos with the tools/replayer?

I’m trying to do this but the replayer expects a .raw video and I can’t find the right input arguments to point to a specific file.

If I just rename my .lraw file to .raw, I get an error “video file has wrong magic number”.

Thank you.

Dear Reway,
We are looking into the issue and get back to you

Dear Reway,
Looks like there is an issue with replayer. You use use sample_isp for replaying the lraw file as an alternative. Usage : ./sample_isp --video=<absolute_path_of_lraw_file>

Dear Siva,

Thank you very much for your prompt answer.

I’d like to replay the CAN data at the same time, however the sample_isp does not allow me to do this, unfortunately. Could you please address this issue as an feature (or bug) for the next replayer release?

Where could I find more information about the “magic number”? I’d like to know what is that used for. I had in mind that the .lraw was the same data format as .raw.

Thank you.

Dear Reway,
Magic number tells file type. Please check