Replicator composer - physics simulation not working

I am trying to gather some synthetic data for training my jetbot for collision avoidance. I am using the replicator composer to generate random data with objects on the ground blocking the jetbot.

However, I cannot collect data with object fell on the ground. Instead, I got only object floating around.
obj_physics is set to True; ‘scene_gravity’ is also set to True.

I found this topic which faced a similar problem to mine (Object Physics (obj_physics) not working in Replicator Composer. Objects are still flying) , but I still cannot get my objects fall to the ground.

Here is my input script:

# dropped warehouse objects
  obj_model: Choice(["assets/models/jetbot_room.txt"])

  obj_count: Range(3, 10)

  obj_size_enabled: False
  obj_scale: Uniform(5, 10)

  obj_coord_camera_relative: True
  obj_distance: Uniform(0.1, 3)
  obj_rot: (Normal(0, 45), Normal(0, 45), Uniform(0, 360))
  obj_physics: True
  obj_vel: (0, 0, 0)
  obj_rot_vel: (0, 0, 0)

# colorful ceiling lights
  light_count: Range(0, 2)

  light_coord_camera_relative: False
  light_coord: (Uniform(-2, 2), Uniform(-2, 2), 5)

  light_color: Uniform((0, 0, 0), (1, 1, 1))
  light_intensity: Uniform(0, 300000)
  light_radius: 1

# warehouse scenario
scenario_model: Library/Environment/simple_room(no_table).usd

# camera
focal_length: 0.75
focus_distance: 0.0
f_stop: 0.0
horiz_aperture: 2.35
vert_aperture: 2.35
camera_coord: (2.5, 0, 0.2)
camera_rot: (0,-10,0)

# output
output_dir: dataset
num_scenes: 10

img_width: 1024
img_height: 1024

rgb: True

# simulate
physics_simulate_time: 10
scene_meters_per_unit: 1

scene_gravity: True

Hi there,

from your script it seems you have all the necessary parameters set:
physics_simulate_time , scene_gravity, obj_physics

Can you test with the warehouse.yaml example to see if it works for you, and than building on top of that with your assets.

Otherwise try sharing your jetbot_room.txt and simple_room(no_table).usd assets for us to test.


Unfortunately, the warehouse.yaml does not work for me. Here are some pictures generated in warehouse.yaml:

Here is my jetbot_room.txt
jetbot_room.txt (1.4 KB)

And here is my simple_room(no_table).usd
simple_room(no_table).usd (1.3 MB)

P.S. I am using the composer UI released on 2022.2.1 instead of the cmd

Thank you for your help!!