Replicator Composer: Use all classes in underlying 'scenario_model'

I’m generating synthetic data using Replicator composer - great! However, I’m using one of the built-in warehouse models for scenario_model (/Isaac/Environments/Simple_Warehouse/warehouse.usd) This model uses something like 18 different classes for everything from pallets to fire extinguishers. NOTE: I have validated that the class ‘pallet’ is assigned in the underlying model. (btw, the pallet is class #6 )
ALSO: I have tried various combinations of setting ‘scenario_class_id’ - from commenting out to setting to a zero, one, or other. All with no effect.

How do I make it so the underlying classes are exposed in the developed segmentation model? (At present I only get the ones I dynamically add)


Below - generated RGB image and the segmentation image. Note that the last one - instance - does show the pallets and racks correctly - but there is no way to look up their class?

Hi Peter,

the current composer works with the old api, with new composer that uses omni.replicator as core, the underlying semantic labels should be visible.
The new Isaac Sim release will be out early August.


There is still a question of conflicts of class number. Wonder how that will be handled? i.e., the underlying scene may have, say the ceiling as class number 1. (Which I believe is the case.) Can I overwrite that with say, a human as 1? Or do I need to find an open spot for the human? Just wondering…

Okay, so next release should fix, right? Thanks!

p.s. When I did this the python scripting way - I did get all the semantic classes to show. Oh well…

No go with the new version - at least as far as I can see. I’ll create a new issue.

(Could be user error…)