Replicator - Deploy to cloud error running script


I followed the steps here to setup AWS EC2 instance and then the steps here to deploy Replicator to cloud but I’m stuck at step 8 where I try to run the provided ‘’ script. As a result, I have a long list of logs, errors & warnings (attached) and my /_output/ folder remains empty.

deploy_to_cloud_log.txt (46.7 KB)


there will be errors showing that it can’t find a display. These are errors from the GUI version and should NOT affect the output. Can you check the output folder and see if you have the generated data?

glad to hear I can ignore the errors but the /_output/ folder remains empty (see the last line of the terminal log I attached).

Just making sure did you copy

At first I assumed the file was already in the container as the documentation stated:

Create your own Replicator script to run, or alternately, you can use the script shown in: …

Your last answer made me second guess that assumption so I installed vim and created the to be sure.
I then ran the script and got something in ~/omni.replicator_out/_output

I guess that solves it for me but documentation could be clarified a bit.
Thanks for the help!