Replicator Scripts using Intellisense

I am currently working with Omniverse Code to create a synthetic Dataset for Object Detection. I would like to use VS Code instead of the integrated script editor. I was searching through the documentation but I could not find a solution?
What is the recommended workflow to write scripts in VS Code and use the autocomplete function of Intellisense?

Update: I followed this video to set up my Visual Studio Code: NVIDIA Omniverse Developer Office Hour - 10/21/2022 | NVIDIA On-Demand

Then I added the path of the replicator extension to the settings.json file. Now I can use the Autocomplete function of Intellisense. Unforunately I get an error message that omni.replicator.core is imported but not used, even though I used it.

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Update: I was able to figure it out by following the tutorial above and starting the link_app.bat file