Replicator throwing error for opacity_constant

Our replicator script has several usd files that are loaded using: layer1 = rep.create.from_usd(self.layer1_path), etc. Output is generated as expected.
However, in the console in VSCode this error is repeatedly showing up:
[Error] [omni.hydra] UsdToMdl: Reached invalid assignment for parameter ‘opacity_constant’. Tried to assign a ‘int’(USD) to a ‘float’(MDL).
Code 2022.3.3
Nucleus 2022.4.2
Any idea what might be causing the error?

Could you please share the complete log file along with the script you are running? (96.9 KB) (35.2 KB)

@bpathak Any progress on identifying the source of this error?

Here is an updated log with verbose mode. (96.6 KB)

Did you happen to use the Blender connector to export these assets?

I’m seeing that error when loading assets that were exported from the Blender 3.6 Alpha USD Branch (installed from Omniverse Launcher)


Hi @StephenL17 I dug around a bit, and it looks like this is related to the input type within the material in blender. Essentially, I’d bet that in one of the materials in blender, if you open the material nodes graph, an int type is being input where it ought to be float for the opacity. This isn’t something that’s related to Replicator, and should be fixed in the blender material to remove the logspam.

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