Hi, I’m building Jetpack 5 via meta-tegra: GitHub - OE4T/meta-tegra at wip-jetpack-5-dp.

My builds have been working fine but a day or two ago, the Nvidia mirror started having issues. Specifically, these URLs are no longer working (non-exhaustive list), so Yocto is unable to fetch the repos it needs:

I don’t think this is an issue with meta-tegra, it seem like those debs are missing or maybe they got updated to newer versions?

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Hi @tjk,

Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
I have the team looking into this now. I will report back here when I know more.

Tom K

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Please use the following files instead

The files in the original post were uploaded to the CDN by mistake and were removed yesterday.
They will be re-post along with the Jetpack 5.0 GA public release.

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For reference, I had to downgrade the following recipes in Yocto because they were all missing their download URLs on the mirror:

PREFERRED_VERSION_cuda-driver = "11.4.167-1"
PREFERRED_VERSION_cuda-nvcc = "11.4.166-1"
PREFERRED_VERSION_cuda-nvcc-headers = "11.4.166-1"
PREFERRED_VERSION_cuda-cccl = "11.4.167-1"
PREFERRED_VERSION_libcublas = ""
PREFERRED_VERSION_libcusparse = ""
PREFERRED_VERSION_libcurand = ""
PREFERRED_VERSION_cuda-cudart = "11.4.167-1"
PREFERRED_VERSION_libcusolver = ""
PREFERRED_VERSION_cuda-nvrtc = "11.4.166-1"
PREFERRED_VERSION_cuda-nvml = "11.4.167-1"

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