Repo Version Mismatch

We build Docker containers for both x86_64/amd64 and Jetson/arm64. We have noticed recently that ISAAC-ROS package versions have gotten out-of-sync between these architectures in the ISAAC-ROS debian package repository which means that our x86-based testing does not reproduce issues that we would see in the arm64 environment. The amd64 packages are newer than the arm64 packages. Example: ros-humble-behaviortree-cpp which is 4.5.1 on amd64 and 4.4.3 on arm64. Was this just an oversight? Will the arm64 repo be updated to match the amd64 repo?

Hi @joshua.whitley

I noticed a different package version between x86_64 and arm64; I’m forwarding this issue to the engineers.
I keep you posted.


Any update?

Hi @joshua.whitley

The engineers are still busy, but I keep you posted when there are updates.