Reports that the screen does not appear when only jetson-multimedia-api is used as version 32.5 in releases less than 32.5

Hello, @DaneLLL @AastaLLL

I am using jetson nano devkit module (sdcard) and jetson xavier nx devkit module (sdcard).
jetson nano jetpack4.5 or earlier
Modify it to repository 32.5 and

If you download only the multimedia api as the following 32.5release version,
sudo apt install nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-api

There is no problem when using it in the booted state
There is a problem with no screen when rebooting.
It was recommended to upgrade to the 32.5 release, but this is a problem I found during a forced test. I tested the same on the jetson xavier nx devkit, and the problem doesn’t occur.

I will upgrade to 32.5 and use it.
But please check it once.

Thank you.

We would suggest run packages of r32.5 on r32.5 system. It may not work properly if you run packages of r32.5 on r32.4.4 system.

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