Representors on Bluefield2

Hi all,
I moved one of our BF2 cards to a different PCI slot and reinstalled Ubuntu using bfb.

bfb installs ok but for some reason the PF representors and VF representors dont get created automatically.

P0 and P1 are listed as interfaces ok.

Is this expected behaviour and if so how do I create the representors?

I tried resetting the card using mlxfwreset but this made no difference.

Thanks in advance,

hi paul,
what do you mean PF representors and VF representors are not created?
Could you share how you check(the commands) , the result and what you excepted?

On the Arm side, when using ‘ip a’, are the pf<port_number>hpf and pf<port_number>vf<function_number> not there?

For pf representors, they should be there.
For vf representors, VF should be created first on the host side. Then on the Arm side can see the VF representors.


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