Reprogramming S1-S4 buttons on Tx1


I am new to the Tx1 and I am trying to alter what the S buttons on the tx1 do, specifically for startup and shutdown operations.

I have looked around the forums and either I am not searching for the right thing or there is nothing there.

Any information is appreciated.


The S switches are hard-coded to circuits that do various functions on the board. As far as I know, you can’t change their function unless you break out a soldering iron. You’ll want something like Connect Tech’s Astro carrier board that routes the functions of the buttons to headers that you can connect to.

If you had to make new functions for what those buttons do, but could do so in kernel space software, you might consider just using GPIO with custom kernel drivers which tie to those other functions however you want (write a GPIO wrapper calling existing drivers). As @AlexP312 said, the existing buttons are hard wired…even a soldering iron might not do what you want. Note: Each switch has as 2-pin 0.1" pitch header, but those will do only what the switch already does.