[Request] [entire capture/playback debug ! needed]

Hello nvidia, So i’m doing some debug on an old PSX game that run with DirectX 9 Everything works fine, but sadly the only option we have is “Capture Frame”, pretty much fuc^^^ to rip Sprite because inside “Nvidia Replay” the good thing is that you can select any action where are all CALLS ! which is insane, this even highlight all the texture (sprite) drawn on screen i can even reconstruct the main menu with those texture =D.

The sad part is that we only have the possibility to have “Capture Frame” I would really love (Everyone would love i think) an option called “Record Capture”.

Let me explain clearly what this “Record Capture” would do, if you guys made it and what’s the goal of it, Let’s say i’m on a certain place in a 3D Game and i would like to “Log” all API call from (let’s say) when my match started, and after 4 minutes i stop the capture), this would create a GIANT file to be used in visual studio (Seen by Nvidia Replay application).

The goal is to have the possibility to “record” while playing and once we stop the record, this will bring the Nvidia replay application with our ENTIRE recorded thing (i said it like that).

This would be MUCH better to have an ENTIRE CAPTURE for directX 9 (i’m on DX9 at the moment) DX 11/ DX 12.

You guys coded it the way that this take a single “capture” isn’t possible to make it like we are recording a video and once we stop we can access this giant replay (with the Nvidia replay application) Cause if you take the Case of a 2D game, i can directly tell you that the “Capture Frame” only is good, but let’s be serious if we need some series of animation and not with a dumbass Single “Capture Frame” that it will work,

That’s why i’m asking you guys to make an option that will “capture the entire duration of the software” until we stop the capture.

Yep would be hard to be coded but you guys made this awesome software and this feature would be awesome as f** and please make it compatible with DX 9 / 10 / 11+

Also is it possible to add OpenGL 2.**+ compatible with Nsight please ?


PS: Pwah my graphics card is an old GTX 580 (so don’t ask too much GPU pre-requisite on nSight…) Sorry gift me a new GTX =P.

Edit: We need a Damn feature like APItrace so we can playback our trace and as well use Nsight viewer (frame debug) to debug what happend in our “current streamed playback”.

Hi Nightshades,

You can take a try on Nsight Performance Analysis, it will capture several frames, but not like Nsight Graphics Debugger that only 1 frame.

Nsight Graphics Debugger also support ‘Next Frame’ which make you just enter the next frame.