Request for Access to Full Dataset for Ahmed_body


I am reaching out to request access to the full dataset of Industry-standard Ahmed-body geometries which were used to train the AeroGraphNet for the research purpose.

The README file has instructions for contacting the team at an email address ([]) that doesn’t exist anymore, and while there is a sample dataset (Modulus Datasets: Ahmed Body Aerodynamics | NVIDIA NGC ) it also says that to get the full dataset I should contact the Modulus team (no contact info provided).

I assure you that the dataset will be used strictly for research purposes under the guidelines set by NVIDIA. I am aware of the importance of maintaining data confidentiality and integrity, and I am committed to upholding these standards in my research.

I look forward to the possibility of utilizing NVIDIA’s resources to advance my research.

Minho Lee

I also need access to that dataset for research purposes on my undergraduate thesis.