Request for code libary for drone motor control

I am using the 4gb Jetson nano. I need to control ESC’s (electronic speed controllers) to spin quadcopter drone. I have seen that they use servo commands. Which is the underlying code is PWM. Is the Jenson nano pinout dynamic based on what I have found? But I have seen that only 2 pins can be configured for PWM. I am I misunderstanding something?

Not an expert here, but from my research for a hobby robotics project (Open Quadruped) I understand that for safe operation of pwm-controled servos/motors it is better to „outsource“ this task to a dedicated micro-controller, e.g. Teensy or Arduino.
Jetson Nano is connected to micro-controller via I2C/serial and send commands. Micro-controller code then translates these commands to pwm signals. By this you can achieve much smoother transitions when changing pwm-speed as Teensy can update pwm-output at much higher rate than Nano or RPi.

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I didn’t know that.