Request for Dynamic Cable / Cable Spline / Cable Placement

Hey i am working on Digital Twins as Mechanical Engineer and it would be super helpful to have a dynamic cable tool inside Omniverse Create.
Creating Cables in CAD Software has involved over time but in the end the Performance isnt great to do that.

The Feature can be split in two segments:

One is a Static Cable Placement Tool with help of physix to place the cables easily in Machines.

Second Feature is for Animation. Attach the End to another Actor which transform is dynamic.

Off course this tool is also helpful for Environment Art

This was the answer from Michellel in Discord:

@Cpt. Brotzeit For your use case, there are 3 different types of tech that are available in Create to simulate short cable system. One is to use rigid body + D6 joints. This is a recommended way for you use case. It can run on both CPU + GPU. The other two are involved using particle system to build up a chain of particles connected with springs, or the FEM deformable simulation in Create. However, those systems are CUDA only and it will likely be a lot more expensive to simulate than using rigid body + joint for such a small/simple problem.”

Hello @daniel.bauer1! I am not sure if our team was able to get back to you, but I wanted to share with you some help from the dev team.

They suggested taking a look at our documentation here for attachments: Physics Core — Omniverse Extensions documentation

Also, take a look at this video tutorial here: Deformable Bodies

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