Request for feedback regarding EOL of CentOS 8

As many of you already know, CentOS Linux 8 will reach EOL on December 31st, 2021.

The NVIDIA CUDA product team is looking to gain insights from you, your customers, and partners, on what could be a good replacement option. Especially consider what the impact will be of migrating to a Linux variant other than CentOS.

Please take a minute to give us your valuable feedback here :

Thanks in advance for feedback,

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This needs to be pinned.

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CentOS Stream is a dramatically missing choice for a CentOS Linux replacement. Despite it might be an unpopular choice.
As long as you don’t need to be pinned to a given RHEL minor release, it’s a possible choice for me at least.

The other area where it Stream is questionable is about kernel changes. There it may break kABI for pre-built module (and even prevent a rebuild), the akmod-nvidia technique provided by rpmfusion-nonfree for el8 might be a way to rebuild kmod automatically. (or pin to an older kernel)


You are totally right - thanks for the reminder - my bad for not doing that upfront. Thanks!

Thanks for this thoughtful comment - I shall pass this on to the OS team - thanks

We are switching all our infrastructure from CentOS to Rocky Linux 9. It seems to be the most well-supported path at the moment for folks that think CentOS Stream is too risky.

Thanks for that info - I have shared that with the Linux team.