Request for supporting Arnold surface shader and lights

Hi Omniverse Team,

Are there any plans to support exporting of Arnold materials and lights to USD because it is weird not supporting the default renderer for autodesk software. Thank you

I am getting one of my Max models ready for connection to OV.
My models all have Arnold materials, Arnold Lights, HDRI Dome lights, Modifiers, Etc.

Should I be prepared to convert everything to default base materials in 3DS Max?


Hi @markb3d ,

I haven tried with the new connector but doubt anything change on arnold material as it not mention in the log, for me I have switch to just using the physical material as i find that it is the most versatile for this work flow and its still compatible with arnold renderer but as is most maps, do not expect that every map that you plug-into the shader will transfer over, might need some manual setup over at omniverse create.

Thanks for the info. I generally use Arnold materials over the old Physical Materials, the Arnold Materials have so much more settings. As a development test I’ll try a test model with both types of materials to see how it all works. All just part of Development process.

I also need to test MAX 2022 and MAX 2023.

Hello @DavidDPD & @markb3d! I’ve sent your request over to the dev team to evaluate! Thanks for your suggestion!

A feature request ticket was created from this post. OM-77411: Request for supporting Arnold Surface Shader and Lights