Request: Include 32-bit libraries with 64-bit drivers

Since the 4xx series, there are no 32-bit drivers for FreeBSD (and Solaris?). It would be nice to include the 32-bit libraries that match the version of the 64-bit drivers as is done with the 64-bit drivers for Linux.

This would allow for running 32-bit native binaries such as the 32-bit Wine emulator on FreeBSD. Currently, I have to rely on the swrast driver which is less than ideal. :)

Thank you.

Nvidia doesn’t care about FreeBSD. They won’t help you. They most likely won’t even reply.
It’s best to move to a different video card. I wish I could afford one.

We’ve updated the 64-bit FreeBSD/amd64 driver package to include FreeBSD/i386 libraries, so you should be able to continue to use 32-bit native FreeBSD binaries (and 32-bit wine) in a future driver release.

Thank you!

Please give 440.36 a try.

440.36 works for me under i386 Wine. Thank you again.

I have noticed an odd hiccup in a particular game, but I doubt it is the graphics drivers. Homeworld 2 will start normally and allow a game to begin. After several seconds, the game screen will twitch and exponentially pan the game away. The rest of the system and monitor runs fine even during this. It is odd.

That Homeworld 2 behavior sounds like something that should be reported to the Wine devs. Also, try installing msvc redistributable libs, that usually helps with weird animation issues.