Request libv4l2 dbgsym library

When running chromium with the nvmmapi decoder, I get a SIGSEGV from I’d like to do more debugging but can not access to the debug symbols for nvidia’s libraries. I can confirm the library “libv4l2” comes from nvidia-l4t-multimedia_32.4.2-20200408182156_arm64.deb. so could you help provide its debug library ?

The source code is public in

Please download the package and try to build/replace the libs for debugging.

Hi, DaneLLL,
After further debugging, I found I was trapped in the library, becasue a unexceptional crash happend when I tried to close this plugin in my Chromium development. Then I tried to find the source of this plugin from above package link but failed. Could you help me find its source for next debugging ?

The lib is not open source. For decoding, you may refer to the samples:


The v4l2 ioctl calls are demonstrated in the samples. FYR.