Request NDI output or integration as python module in omniverse

i would like to have a way to stream texture data with point attribute from omnierse to other spout or NDI capable sofwares. my goal is to embed the phisx engine of omniverse in my installation.

i will than use those point in some vertex shader to recompose the mesh realtime.

can be helpfull also to have a way to work with VAT in omniverse. so record texture with attribute data for a later use in a realtime enviroment.

i did some experiment with a script node that read point attrib and a udp client that stream those points … the goal would be to keep the point in the gpu even before they get sent to the usd from the phisx engine…

i hope the request is clear if not i am here to give more explaination about it .



I moved your post to the Omniverse developer section, I think that’s a better place for this request.


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