Request new feature in new version of DS

Hi dears,
Thanks so much about releasing best SDK for jetson platforms.
Undoubtedly, many company is used this platform and SDK for customers, but we see two main problem in the DS.

First of all, the tracker isn’t open source, and all of companies can’t customize the DS’s trackers. One big problem of tracker is that:
When we have pgie followed by sgie and then tracker, and the tracker pull all of pgie and sgie objects and then tracks all of them, but in some scenarios we want to operate on some IDs or some objects, due to we want to tracker has same properties in the its config file:


In the real world scenarios and multi-streams cases, we have to set custom properties depend on environment and view of cameras. That’s mean, only one value for filtering out the obejcts doesn’t good work for all streams.
In the best way, the stream0, stream1 and stream2 work with pre-cluster-threshold=th0, roi-top-offset=value0… and pre-cluster-threshold=th1, roi-top-offset=value1… and pre-cluster-threshold=th2, roi-top-offset=value2… respectively.
Like this feature exist in the config file for pre-class, but It’s better to have per stream properties in the config file.

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Thanks for your input!

We will discuss them internally and give you update.

Hi @LoveNvidia ,
Thanks fot your report! Here are our discussion output.

  1. Tracker plugins open-source is in our roadmap and might be taken up in one of the upcoming releases
  2. Nvinfer source code is already available for user to customize / modify and they can implement this use case
  3. Tracking objects only on given class IDs is already a part of our feature roadmap for future release
  4. We are adding your request for Support per class group per stream group threshold to our roadmap

Thanks again!

@mchi , Thanks so much.
It’s better the tracker have both operate-on-gie-id and operate-on-class-ids properties. Really it’s necessary in real-world applications.

When we have pgie follows up sgie and both of them are detector, and I want to only tracks the sgie objects, in such scenarios we have to be operate-on-gie-id to filter out the pgie objects tracking.

Hi @LoveNvidia ,
Understood! I think “Tracking objects only on given class IDs” should meet the requirement.