Request port of NV_copy_depth_to_color from OpenGL to Vulkan

Hi, I’d like to request that NV_copy_depth_to_color be ported to Vulkan. In general because of two main reasons:

  1. Only way to write the stencil from a shader in NVIDIA is by transforming the depth/stencil texture to a color texture and using a fragment shader write the appropriate component that represents the stencil. This is very easy with D32S8X24 format, you transform it to RG32F and write the G with some bit math function that turns the new integer stencil value to the equivalent floating point and then you ImageCopy back to D32X8S24. At least this is the OpenGL process, in Vulkan ImageCopy is more restrictive and prohibits depth/color copies explicitly. I would love an NV version that acts like OpenGL's or an extension that reduces the restrictions
  2. Doing blends on Depth formats with linearity. A part of our code base blends depth buffers (D32) with others using linear interpolation instead of nearest neighbor by transforming D32 to R32F, doing the blend and then converting back. Using nearest neighbor results in small weird artifacts. I could workaround the artifacts by increasing the resolution in most depth textures but that would mean sacrificing some performance.

Some notes:
I would request allowing to write the stencil in the shader instead but I do know most NV hardware does not support it natively and I need to support old GPUs.