Request to package GXF extension headers for Multimedia, Cuda, Serialization,

We are building a GXF extension with Bazel per the instructions here: Developing Extensions for DeepStream — DeepStream 6.1.1 Release documentation

We would like to use the components defined in the non-Deepstream extensions, but the headers are not defined in the extension manifests.

For example: we can depend on the MultimediaExtension, but we cannot access the header for the VideoBuffer type which is transmitted by other codelets:

Similarly, importing the extension interface does not yield any definitions:

registry extn import interface -n MultimediaExtension -s 2.0.0 -d /tmp/multimedia

(These headers exist in the GXF distribution for Holoscan: GXF (x86_64) | NVIDIA NGC)

We suspect that the extensions are not being registered with “header” fields (like StandardExtension does): GXF (x86_64) | NVIDIA NGC

We are hoping that headers for appropriate components can be registered for:

  • MultimediaExtension
  • CudaExtension
  • SerializationExtension
  • Any other relevant future extensions


Thank you for the suggestion, we will take it into our roadmap.

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