Requesting a Community Extension

We know there are creators out there with ideas for useful extensions and developers that want to help. If you have an idea for an extension – large or small – and are looking for a developer, you can create a new post in this forum section with your request. Here are some guidelines for how to structure your request:

  1. Prefix the topic title with “Request:
  2. Add the “extension-request” tag plus other related tags to your topic.
  3. In the body of the post, include information like:
    1. What should the extension do?
    2. What is the purpose of the extension?
    3. Optionally, include user interface mockups. This can help developers visualize the request and understand the user experience.

Developers and other interested users, can discuss the request by replying to the topic. Developers can share updates on in-progress work of the requested extension within the request topic. When an initial version of the request is completed and released, the developer and/or requester can create a topic follow the sharing guidelines here: Sharing a Community Extension.