Requesting teaching kits for the research group internal workshop

Dear all,

I would like to ask you, if it is possible to request teaching kits for inter-group workshop, i.e. without any official course at University.

Our working group (particle physics) is now trying to implement several ML/DL techniques at our field, for this reason we have built a local workstation with a few GPUs (partially with the help of NVIDIA academic program). Now mostly one PhD student is focusing on this topic, but in the future we would like to teach more students how to use this techniques.
As there is no relevant course at University (with the some free space at syllabus) we would like to do our own internal workshop(s) for students and also research personal. For this workshop the teaching kits would be very beneficial, however, at the request form the list of official courses is a mandatory item.

Is it possible to request teaching kits under this circumstances?

Thank you.

With the best regards,
Miroslav Saur

Yes this use-case should be fine, please indicate this in the application form and have it filled out by who will be teaching the workshops.