Require 2xEthernet ports support and implementation

For our application require 2 gigabit ethernet ports. We have reviewed the carrier board schematics and note it only support 1 ethernet port.
Advice how to implement the 2nd ethernet port, require for my application.
Ref Doc :Schematic P2597_C02_OrCAD_schematic_design_files
Advice on this.

We don’t have such recommendation. Only one port is supported. Maybe you can choose a switch or other kind of interface device.

  1. USB to Ethernet dongle, simple but temporal way
  2. 3rd party carrier board which supports multiple Ethernet
  3. design your custom carrier board as your requirement

Hi MtHiker
For option#3, which chipset would you recommend and what signals to interface ?If you have any reference, could you share it.

Not recommendation but one of reference:
My co-worker uses PCIe and RTL8111 to expand GbE.

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