Required NVIDIA Quadro series in place of NVIDIA Tesla graphic card

I have create a instance from AWS marketplace and selected "NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation - WinServer 2019". When i setup all the things and checked, it shows me Tesla in place of Quadro. I am purchasing it to run my software which is work on Quadro but not on Tesla. How can i get Quadro in place of Tesla

I’m getting similar results with the WinServer 2016 edition. AMI seems to be installed with the Standard (DirectX) drivers, unless I’m looking in the wrong place. Any tips?

Hi Deepak, Wenzil,

There is currently no way to get an actual NVIDIA Quadro GPU in AWS, only NVIDIA Tesla GPU’s, or a fraction of them (vGPU). In this specific case, that will be a NVIDIA Tesla T4.
The naming “NVIDIA Quadro Datacenter Virtual Workstation”, or “NVIDIA Quadro vDWS” in short, only refers to the technology that NVIDIA uses to offer this “virtual workstation”, not to the actual NVIDIA Quadro GPUs.
Also see: to learn more about the technology.

Which software are you looking to run? In most cases, NVIDIA Tesla cards will actually be on the list of supported GPUs (HCL) for the software.