Required OpenGL extension missing on 8800 GTX?

Just installed the latest CUDA beta 2.0 on Vista 32bit (Service Pack 1) with a GeForce 8800 GTX. ForceWare driver version is reported as 174.55

When running the included binary particle demo, it reports:

Is there anything else that needs to be installed for the demos to work?



Try what is suggested in this thread:

This seems to affect all OpenGL programs running with the driver provided for the 2.0 beta. I have to specifically run a program in administrator mode for it to be able to access anything above OpenGL 1.1 without crashing.

I have same problems for only games or apps except samples w/ opengl cuda. ;)

Great. OpenGL CUDA demos run fine under Vista after turning off User Account Control (UAC) and reinstalling the CUDA display driver as administrator.

I suppose the next beta has this fixed.


Select it to run as administrator.