Required OpenGL extensions missing Error on execution

Hi all,

I’ve downloaded the toolkit and SDK for CUDA development. I have compiled the SobelFilter example in EmuDebug mode (I don’t have an NVIDIA device yet!) and trying to launch it I get: “Required OpenGL extensions missing.”

Note that when I tried to install the NVidia display drivers, I got an error message: “Could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware.” Which is normal as I don’t have an NVIDIA graphic card, but yet, the documentation says that it is not required to run code in emulation mode…

Should I install the OpenGL toolkit or something else. I don’t think it is specified in the documentation…



Which OS are you running?

The SDK doesn’t require an NVIDIA card to run in emulation mode, but it some of the interop samples do require a card that supports OpenGL 2.0 and the PBO extension.

Netllama: I am running WinXP.

Simon: Well, I do not have such a card (cheap Intel chipset) so I guess here is my pb. Note that I have commented openGL code, and just switch to manipulate data buffer and the example works perfectly. So I confirm that the emulation mode is OK even without an nvidia card!

Thanks both of you.