Requirements for DRIVE HUB (Confidence View)

Hello all,

unfortunately I could not find it out from the documentation hence my question here.

I would like to test the confidence view’s contribution to acceptance with test passengers driving in an automated shuttle bus.

What are the requirements for DRIVE HUB? Is AGX Xavier enough?
Which input sensors does it need?
Which neural networks are used? (DriveNet, LaneNet)?

Thanks in advance

Dear orkun.yilmaz,
DRIVE Applications requires DRIVE Hyperion 7.1 Developer Kit, which includes DRIVETM AGX Pegasus Developer Kit. Which platform do you have (DRIVE AGX Xavier or DRIVE AGX Pegasus)?

It’s supposed to be for the DRIVE AGX Xavier.

Dear orkun.yilmaz,
It requires DRIVE Hyperion 7.1 config to launch Drive applications via DRIVE Hub.
It uses all DNNs that are usee by DRIVE AV and DRIVE IX.