Reset BF1500 to factory settings

I purchased 2 BF1500’s and have struggled through getting rshim setup, but can now ssh to the dpus, but they don’t have factory passwords so I can’t log into them. How would I go about resetting them? I have tried to load a fresh copy of the os with bfb-install, but one dpu failed to push image after transferring ~14MB… the other errors out with permission denied to/dev/rshim0/boot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your question.
To reset the DPU credentials to factory default you will need to burn BFB on it.
Run the below with user root on the host side where rshim is running:
cat /path/to/bfb/file > /dev/rshim0/boot

Once it’s finished, you should be able to login with factory default credentials.
For more info please look at the DPU documentation:

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I will give it a shot when I get home. I’m not super hopeful as I tried bfb-install earlier and it failed. Now the cards aren’t recognized by the system and I no longer see the flex-boot splash screen at boot. USB connection still sees a mellanox usb (via lsusb)…
So maybe… just maybe I didn’t brick them.

Cat “path.bfb” > /dev/rshim0/boot results in white permission denied when dpu in boot_mode 0. Changing boot mode is sporadic at best. Lspci does not recognize the dpus on most boots. When it does I get several mlx_core errors when booting into Ubuntu. When I’ve been able to get the card recognized the cat command above errors out with connection timed out