RESET_IN & GPIO_EXP1&0_INT Boot functionality

I was wondering if this two pins A22/A23 (GPIO EXP interrupt) has any influence in the booting of Tegra TX1.

There is no info about how RESET_IN (pin A47) works in the booting sequence. (Refering to OEM Product guideline, section 4.1). In which state should be left this pin?? How it works exactly?

Thanks in advance!

On P2597 board, the signal name is RESET_OUT_L(A46) and RESET_IN_L(A47)
On P2180 board, the signal name is PMIC_SYS_RST(A46)* and SYS_RESET_IN*(A47)

PMIC_SYS_RST* is a output from PMIC NRST_IO(F9), SYS_RESET_IN* is a input to PMIC NRST_IO(F9).
PMIC NRST_IO(F9) is a bi-direction active_low open-drain reset input/output. it was pull up to VDD_1.8V on P2180

PMIC_SYS_RST* go to high at the end of power up sequence and go to low at the beginning of power down sequence.
The RESET_IN(A47) can leave as NC if you don’t want to have external reset button.

GPIO_EXP0_INT and GPIO_EXP1_INT is the interrupt signal to TX1 for camera GPIOs extender,They don’t have any influence in the booting of Tegra TX1.

This two pins will not influence the booting.
RESET_IN is connected to PMIC reset pin (bidirectional) and to TX1 chip reset pin through a diode. It works for RESET button on carrier board, also it can be driven by PMIC to reset TX1 chip.