Reset Jetson

I would like to reset my Jetson TX1 to its original settings to restart the jetpack instillation process. I believe my device messed up somewhere and am not getting the startup ubuntu screen. It just shows a blank ubuntu screen with no applicaiotns or anything to really click. thanks

The Jetson may be working fine, but with video not set to a mode compatible with your monitor. You may want to try to ssh in first, or use serial console. For serial console, see:

However, a reset is just a flash. Flash can be accomplished via the driver package plus a sample rootfs for just purely flash. JetPack is useful for additional package installation details beyond flash. A listing of older versions of L4T can be found here:

As you can see on that page, R23.1 is the original on a JTX1, but is not really recommended these days. The current R24.2 is recommended.

I went ahead a reflashed the device and it worked the only problem is during the post instillation i the terminal kept reading IP address closed. I am still able to access the device but I think my capabilitie to ssh into the Jetson will no longer be available. Can someone tell me if I am wrong in that regard.

During the application install it needs to used the wired ethernet. Were you using wired or WiFi?


It should work if you switch to wired ethernet during install.