reset pulse timing of TX1


We have TX1 som module which is having reset input pin how much is the time that this pin should be held low for proper reset of the som module ?
where this data is available ?
In the diagram in page 13 Jetson TX1 OEM Product Design Guide nothing is mentioned about reset in?
what will be reset inputs state during power on Is it required to generate por by monitoring lowest power rail in carrier board after carrier board system power enable signal input has gone high ?
or the SOM has come out of reset after carrier board system power enable signal input has gone high no need of resetting it again

can i use reset out to reset peripherals what will be the time delay between carrier board system power enable signal and reset out pin ?

RESET_IN# is from RESET key on carrier board as manually reset input, or is to tegra, eMMC etc. driven by PMIC thru diode when system reset. The low duration should be dozens of ms. RESET_IN# is the internal signal in module and auto run by system, so no need to include it in the power sequence of Jetson TX1.

RESET_OUT# is to tegra, eMMC directly or is from PMIC thru diode. You can use it to reset peripherals, but it should be controlled thru PMIC.


IF we are using a external micro controller or reset generator ic for providing the reset pulse what should be the minimum pulse duration for resting all the peripherals in the SOM module ?

For completed reset, try to keep pulse > 300ms.