Reset RTCPU from Linux

We are currently running into issues with the cameras coming up everytime on boot.

Power cycling the orin a couple times is fixing the issue

But until we can root cause it and fix the issue, it would be nice to be able to reset the RTCPU from linux when it goes into a bad state and errors out

Is this possible?

hello akhil.veeraghanta,

may I know the real use-case, which pipeline you’re used to enable the camera streaming?
could you please also letting us know the release version you’re now working with.

We are working with JP5.1.1 on the Orin NX 8gb.

It doesn’t matter which capture pipline we use, gstreamer w/ nvargussrc, or our custom pipeline, its the same issue that a couple reboots will fix.

We can see the RTCPU erroring out in the dmesg logs some of those times, but most times it manifests as no frames and we get a timeout.

hello akhil.veeraghanta,

you may give it a try to restart Argus daemon service, this won’t reboot the system.
$ sudo pkill nvargus-daemon
$ sudo systemctl start nvargus-daemon

we already do that, but it doesn’t help w/ RTCPU failures

is it not possible to reset the RTCPU?

I understand that we should fix our system and make sure that our streaming is stable, but we are looking for a workaround until we get there, and rebooting works.

If we can get away without rebooting but still reseting the RTCPU/restarting argus then that would be great. Just restarting argus doesn’t fix the RTCPU issue

hello akhil.veeraghanta,

what’s the error looks like? please also share the failure messages for reference.

Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared? Thanks

Yeah this is still an issue, we’ve been down the debugging path before

So can you please answer: Is it possible to reset the RTCPU from Linux?

If its not, we will wait for the new Jetpack release for stability. If it is, please let us know

hello akhil.veeraghanta,

so… what’s the error looks like? do you have failure messages for reference.
there’re stability improvements, please moving to the latest Jetpack release version if that’s possible,
you may see-also Release Notes (r35.4.1) for reference,

I have asked people to try and capture the logs so will post shortly, but its always been,

boot up
restart argus
try to stream and it times out with no frames (even though the sensor is streaming w/ the frame count going up)

reboot a couple times
try to stream, works…

So the only change I assume is that the RTCPU is reset when being booted up? We can unload/reload our camera driver, we can restart argus but none of that fixes it like a reboot does

hello akhil.veeraghanta,

it sounds like stability issue,
please moving to the latest Jetpack release version, i.e. Jetpacl-5.1.2/l4t-r35.4.1 to include the stability improvements.

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