Reset status register address in TX2

I wan to know what is the address of reset status register of Tx2,i have to read it in uboot to know the reason of boot,like reboot/shudown/watchdog.

any help will be appreciated.


We have pmic reset value in kernel. But does not have this function in uboot.

If you can read i2c data in uboot.

i2ctransfer -f -y 4 w1@0x3c register-offset r bytes to read

For the given setting it should be
i2ctransfer -f -y 4 w1@0x3c 0x04 r1 #reads 1Byte from 0x3c at register offset 0x04

we dont need function only i need address.
#define RESET_STATUS_REG 0x7000e5b4
#define RESET_STATUS_LEN 0x40
In TX1: i used to read the status of reset status bit

buf = map_sysmem(addr, length);
if(buf == NULL){
    printf("failed to address point buffer into RAM\n");
    return -EINVAL;
value = *(uint64_t * )buf & 0xf;

like this we were reading in Tx1,so can you tell that is possible in Tx2 or not,i want to know the address in Tx2

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How did you get this address on TX1?