Resetting the environment Issues

Is there a standard way to reset everything in the environment? This includes the positions, orientations, velocities, DOF positions, DOF velocities, etc… Currently, I am resetting via the following method:

in the initialization of environment

get root state tensor, useful for obtaining state information about the object

actor_root_state_tensor = self.gym.acquire_actor_root_state_tensor(self.sim)
self.root_state_tensor = gymtorch.wrap_tensor(actor_root_state_tensor)

get dof state tensor

_dof_states = self.gym.acquire_dof_state_tensor(self.sim)
self.dof_states = gymtorch.wrap_tensor(_dof_states)

self.saved_dof_states = self.dof_states.clone()
self.saved_root_state_tensor = self.root_state_tensor.clone()

and then when resetting:

self.gym.set_dof_state_tensor(self.sim, gymtorch.unwrap_tensor(self.saved_dof_states)) self.gym.set_actor_root_state_tensor(self.sim, gymtorch.unwrap_tensor(self.saved_root_state_tensor))

However, this leads to very weird physics/simulation errors in which all the actors suddenly fly around/glitching out upon reset. I verified that this is not a problem of my environment because everything loads correctly when I don’t reset things. But when I reset the tensors the environment just glitches crazily. Is there a reason why this might be happening? Thanks!