Resize root filesystem in Jetson NX

Hi Team,

I want to resize root file_system in Jetson NX.
please provide process to resize file_system in Jetson.

Thank you

Moving this to the Jetson category for better visibility.

  1. If your NX module is a dev module with only SD Card, you would use another host such as a Linux PC and use a tool for resizing such as gparted and adjust APP partition in the SD Card.

  2. If you NX module is a production module with eMMC:

  • if the Linux rootfs is on an external drive, you would similarly resize this drive on Linux host PC.
  • if the Linux rootfs is in eMMC, it may be more complex (you would have to install another rootfs that could be run while your APP partition is not mounted, such as cloning into an external disk), or use flash tools for cloning the eMMC disk, losetup mount this image into Linux PC, adjust partitions, unmount and reflash modified image.

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